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APT3000 availabe adapters


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4 models available :


I-PAC1000-N can move aircraft/helicopter with MTOW of 2500 kg.

I-PAC1000-A can move aircraft/helicopter with MTOW of 4000 kg.

I-PAC1000-S can move aircraft/helicopter with MTOW of 10000 kg.

I-PAC1000-T can move aircraft/helicopter with MTOW of 18000 kg.

Aero-Pac innovating wireless towunit I-pac 1000


Aero-Pac I-PAC is a DC engine controller towunit. It lifts the airplane nose wheel or tail wheel, by using lazy suzan system. Makes it possible to rotate the towunit 360° without turning the aircraft nose gear, this feature makes it possible to make manoeuvre your plane precisely in tight hangars or ramps. The I-pac has  rubber wheels, which makes the unit unique and robost. Uneven surfaces, grass, hangar rails is no problem.

Description :

I-PAC  advantages.


• dual drive,makes operation on grass and slipery hangar floor possible.

• No little caster wheels, illuminates the problem of big hangar rails.

• 360° turning possible without move the nose gear.

• Long endurance due to quality battery.

• GPU option possible.

• No chains or cable construction. (maintenance free)

• Whinch installed, so no need to put aircraft chocks.

• 1 person operation.

• Change from one type to another in seconds.

Properties :

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• Wireless remote controlled  (maximum distance 300 meter)

• Fail safe 2.4 Ghz remote control.

• Zero turn radius by remote control.

• Charger Input 110V/220V.

•  Moves aircraft up to 4000 Kg or I-PAC18000 (18000 kg)

•  No maintenance

• 1 person operation.

• Change from one type to another in seconds.

• easy to connect to plane.

• No adapters needed, also for aircraft with nose wheels cover.

• Equipped with quality, durable batteries.

• Powder coated construction with corrosion protection.

• Battery disconnect safety switches.

• Top cover with easy acces to parts.

• Colors Red and black, optional different colors.

• 24 VDC engine, extreme high torque.

• Environmentally friendly - no fumes

• Electric whinch and GPU optional.

• Halogen light optional.

• Precision machined, zero maintenance gear boxes.

Shipping dimensions : 80 cm x 120 cm x 60 cm.


Shipping weight : 280 kg. The I-pac is available from stock.


Call +32.491.152.980 or sales@aero-pac.com for more information


You have the freedom to walk around your aircraft and position it safely and smoothly where you want it and unlike most other aircraft maneuvering devices, you don’t have to wrestle with those awkward, heavy or dirty tugs that limits your ability to see what is near your aircraft.

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