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APT3000 availabe adapters


Properties :

Aero-Pac towunit APT6500


•Innovating electric control handle, for precision control

•2 Size of tires available (Grass - Tarmac ).

•Faultless operation with the assistance of the forward/ backward acceleration handle.

•High quality handle control to regulate speed.

•Adjustable speed, forward up to 7 km/h, and backwards.

•Virtually silent moving.

•Powder coated construction.

•Space saving design

•Environmentally friendly  - no exhaust emission.

•24V batteries.  8 hours continuous use.

•Easily adjustable handle to users height.  

•Universal adaptor for a quick and easy attachment to a wide range of aircraft.  

•switched charger for continuous operation, automatic charging when needed

• great price / performance, components ratio.

•Ball hitch fitting possible.

• Easy, quick adapter change, and height change.

(not available on german market)

optional upgraded handle :



Shipping dimensions : 80 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm.


Shipping weight : 40 kg.


In stock, orders before 17u LT will be dispatched the same day.


Call +32.491.152.980 or sales@aero-pac.com for more information

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Aero-Pac APT6500 is a DC engine controlled towunit. It connects to airplane nose wheel or tail wheel, by gripping the nose gear.



With optional GPU / Battery start.


Standard with speedcontrol handle.

Aero-Pac towunit APT6500

Suitable for all aircraft.

Remote aircraft connection with cable system.

Easily change between different plane types.


Proven concept, also for twin engine aircraft operation.

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Different color schemes.


optional with your logo.


Standard color black / red.


Tailor made units cannot be returned.


Optional snow scoop works perfect !

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