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APT3000 availabe adapters





Aero-Pac APT5000 is a DC engine controller towunit. It connectos to airplane nose wheel or tail wheel, by gripping the nose gear between two 2 ball bearing rollers. So easy to push , pull the aircraft.  No suitable for aircrafts with nose gear covers which have only 3 cm ground clearance.

Description :

Suitable for all aircrafts - no attachment adapter needed. Easily change between different plane types.


Proven concept, also for twin engine aircraft operation.

Aero-Pac towunit APT5000


•  Charger Input 110V/220V.

•  Moves aircraft up to 3000 Kg with largest engine-controller

   standard configuration for airplane upto 1200 kg.

 • No maintenance

 • 1 person operation.

• Change from one type to another in seconds.

 • very easy to connect to plane.

 • No adapters needed

 • Equipped with quality, durable batteries.

 • Powder coated construction.

 • Nose wheel fork with nylon tabs. No metal to metal contact.

 • Battery disconnect pin.

 • Top cover with easy acces to parts.

 • Colors Red and black, optional different colors.

 • 24 VDC engine, extreme high torque.

 • Easy operation by ingeniously controlling electronic handle.

• great price / performance ratio (quality frame,batteries,tires).


Properties :

APT5000_2 APT5000_5 contact-mod

Shipping dimensions : 80 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm.


Shipping weight : 40 kg.


In stock, orders before 17u LT will be dispatched the same day.


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