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APT3000 availabe adapters



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Description :


Aero-Pac APT4500 is a petrol engine operated towunit. It connectos to airplane nose wheel or tail wheel, by gripping the nose gear at the nose gear axles.

Aero-Pac towunit APT4500

World Class Briggs & Stratton Engine operated towunit.


Different adapters in stock.

Easily change between different plane types.



Properties :


•  World Class Briggs & Stratton Engine

•  Moves aircraft up to 3000 Kg with smallest engine.

•  13 x 6.50 x 6 tires.

 • 1 person operation.

• Change from one type to another in seconds.

 • very easy to connect to plane.

 • Powder coated construction.

 • Forward-Neutral-Reverse (3 forward gears).

 • Engine burns avgas or automotive fuel.

 • Colors Red and black, optional different colors.

Shipping dimensions : 80 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm. ( EU-pallet)


Shipping weight : 40 kg.


[email protected] for more information

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