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APT3000 availabe adapters



Description :


Aero-Pac APT4500 electro engine operated towunit. It connectos to airplane nose wheel or tail wheel, by gripping the nose gear at the nose gear axles.

Aero-Pac towunit APT4500 ELECTRO

24VDC engine operated towunit.


The APT4500 electro feature a battery-operated electric design for reliable cordless operation. The forward and reverse buttons are conveniently located right on the control handle with an electronic speedcontrol handle. Infinite speed control is conveniently located on the control handle between the forward and reverse buttons, just dial in the desired speed. Features include 24-volt cordless electric power, nose gear quick attach for easy hookup, adjustable fork and handle heights


Different adapters in stock.

Easily change between different plane types.



Properties :


•  24V DC Engine, with a maintenance free reductor.

•  Moves aircraft up to 2500 kg (depending controller / engine )

•  13 x 6.50 x 6 tires.

 • 1 person operation.

• Change from one type to another in seconds.

 • very easy to connect to plane.

 • Powder coated construction.

 • Forward-Neutral-Reverse speed selector.

 • Colors Red and black, optional different colors.

Shipping dimensions : 80 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm. ( EU-pallet)


Shipping weight : 40 kg.


In stock, orders before 17u LT will be dispatched the same day.


Call +32.491.152.980 or [email protected] for more information

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