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Description :

APT3000 availabe adapters


Aero-Pac towunit APT3000 special edition for



• The belt sits on the aircraft nose wheel rotating.

• forward and backwards.

• Variable speed

• The system gives unbelievable manoeuvrability  

• 28V Lithium Battery, Run Time 1300 meter

• Battery charge indication (Charging time 15 min.)

• Charger Input 110V/220V.

• Moves aircraft up to 3000 Kg

• No maintenance.

• 1 person operation.

• easy handling , small and lightweight, fits in any space availeble.

• Foldable.

• Lightweight

• Stowed in plane baggage compartment.

• Optional storage bag or casing.

• Chrome handle and powder coated construction.

• Combination of carbon steel and aluminium.

• Delivered with battery and charger.

• Quality and durable parts

• great price / performance, components and battery ratio.


Properties :


The APT3000 offers a lightweight, extremely portable solution to pilots that find them selves on their own with the task of moving their aircraft.

So easy, so much power,

                unbelievable manoeuvrability

also models available for Beechcraft, Cirrus SR20 SR22, Diamond DA40, DA42, Mooney, Eclipse, Piper , Rockwell , Cessna, Piper and lots more.




Video demo below

• Cirrus SR20 / SR22

• Diamond DA40

• Diamond DA42

• Piper 32R

• Eclippse

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