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APT3000 availabe adapters


Fits these planes :

So easy, so much power, carry on board and small

  - Single tire towunit. -


Aero-Pac towunit APT2000

So easy, so much power, lightweight, fits on all aircraft, operated by 28VDC battery pack.


The APT2000 offers a lightweight, extremely portable solution to pilots that find them selves on their own with the task of moving their aircraft.

For all aircraft, including tailwheel draggers,

This APT2000 unit has been configured for use with or without wheelpants we do have adapters for all aircraft.  Folds in half. It has two speeds forward and two speeds reverse, different speeds

Description :


• The Single tire gives the syste, unbelievable manoeuvrability.

• Forward and backwards., lineair speed control by electronic handle.

• The system gives unbelievable manoeuvrability  

• 24V Lithium Battery Run Time

• up to 1500m before recharging. Battery charge indication

• Charge level lights on battery. Charger Input 110V/220V.

• Moves aircraft up to 3000 Kg

• No maintenance

• 1 person operable

• Safe for carry on board and small

• Collapsible, Foldable.

• Lightweight, Quiete, reliable.

• Stowed in plane bagage compartment

• great price / performance, components and battery ratio.




Shipping dimensions : 90 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm.


Shipping weight : 12 kg.


In stock, orders before 17u LT will be dispatched the same day.


Call +  or [email protected] for more information

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