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Aero-Pac® is one of the worlds leading producers of aircraft continuous power supplies.  Aero-Pac unique range of 12,24,28 volt portable GPUs has been developed to provide continuous DC power for avionics work, shop maintenance, diagnostics, training or demonstrations.

The best power-to-weight ratio on the market.  Our units are available at competitive pricing.

From its 25amp DC power supply to 120Kva 400Hz frequency converters, Aero-Pac® manufactures and supplies operators worldwide with its range

of Aviation ground power units. Aero-Pac® have a solution for all DC powered aircraft - whether private or military operator , business jet or scheduled airline.  For 115volt 400 HzAC Aircraft , the company offers its range of 15-120Kva 400Hz modular electric frequency converters either as stand alone Hangar units or as all weather ramp carts.  Any voltage or ampere possible we make costumised products

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Aero-Pac | Kruisboommolenstraat 7|9 industrial park strohof | 8800 Roeselare | Belgiu | Tel: +32.491.152.980  | Email info@aero-pac.com

Aero-Pac® 400 Amps | 28 Volt


A compact, lightweight and highly portable power unit.. Designed to give continuous secured dc power to the aircrafts - helicopters for crew training – aircraft servicing in workshop on the ramp , apron, or in the field without draining and damaging the aircraft, helicopter batteries.  There is a range of built in safety features and the units are simple to use.  The power supplies are multi fan cooled with inbuilt thermal management for operation up to 60°C ambient environments. The safety features include; Internal AC Residual Current Protection, Overload and Short Circuit protection.


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Aero-Pac® 28V  25A


 CE-certified.

 Input 100 to 220 Volt auto selecting.

 Output 28V - 400 Amps.

 Weight 65 kg.

 Dimensions 45 cm x 32 cm x 28 cm.

 Electronic circuit breakers, with electronic reset.

 Long inlet and outlet cable for safe operation.

 High quality, durable polycarbonate connector to the aircraft | helicopter.

 Free technical advice.

 Comes with instruction manual | conformity certificate | technical sheet.

 Silver plated contacts.

 UK | USA | European connectors available.

 Over current protection.

 Over voltage protection.

 Over temperature protection.

 Shortcut protection.

 Polarity protection.

 Output rimple <200mV,  Power factor correction included.

 High quality all temperature, aviation fuel and oil resistant wiring in rubber.

 Internal cooling. Fan cooling

 Safe to carry on a flight (non-hazardous).

 No maintenance.

 Non corrosive powder coated casing – totally weather protected .

 User switchable between 12V, 14V and 28V (optional)

 Digital voltage and ampere reading (optional)

 Storage bag (optional)

 EN60950-1: 2006 | Emission – EN55022-B | IEC 335-2-29